COBACORE at Workshop in Riga, Latvia

Riga, Latvia

The COBACORE project was represented at a workshop in Riga, Latvia on 12-13 January 2015 which highlighted the needs of people with disabilities throughout the disaster management cycle.

The workshop formed part of the European Commission’s Conference on Including people with Disabilities in Disaster Preparedness and Response: Reflection from the EU Perspective which was organised by the DG ECHO Civil Protection Policy Unit.
Unfortunately, COBACORE consortium members were unable to attend the workshop, but information about the project was forwarded to the event organiser. These materials showed that COBACORE is a project focused on three main end-user groups involved in the disaster management cycle: the Affected Community, Responding Community, and Responding Professionals.
COBACORE’s Affected Community Includes everyone on whom the disaster has had an impact – civilians, local businesses, social institutions and vulnerable groups.
People with a disability and the elderly may be particularly vulnerable in a crisis situation because of issues like restricted mobility, or physical and mental health problems.
COBACORE has engaged with vulnerable Affected Community members through ‘Community Champions’ who raise awareness within these groups. These are usually representative organisations or advocacy groups and NGOs like the Red Cross.
A prototype online COBACORE platform has been developed which can be used by these three community groups to find or offer help in the recovery phase of a disaster. Affected Community members register with the platform for free and use it to request assistance from someone in their locality.