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COBACORE Core Features


The COBACORE Deliverable 3.1, ‘Mock-ups of interface of COBACORE workspace and functional behaviour of COBACORE’, describes the core feature set of the COBACORE platform, the underlying assumptions and information elements, and acts as a blueprint for the actual implementation of the COBACORE platform. The simple incremental step-by-step platform development process adopted by the COBACORE project is set out below:

cobacoreBuilding on the three core domain issues identified during the disaster recovery domain analysis carried out in WP1, and upon the three core functions that were derived to demonstrate the value of the platform for the target user groups, WP3 used these functions to guide the development of COBACORE’s platform features and interfaces.

COBACORE Core Domain Issues COBACORE Core Functions
Information Provision Issues Support Recovery Planning & Information Exchange
Collaboration Issues Close Collaboration Gap
Needs and Capacity Matching Issues Improve Matching Needs and Capacities

Features can be understood as aspects of the platform that contribute to the fulfilment of the stated functions. Because of the general nature of the three functions, it is recognised that there are many ways to satisfy them.

COBACORE feature development phases
Feature set Description
Core set The core set of core features represent the minimum functional requirements that the platform implementation should fulfil.
Expansion sets Incremental sets of features that build upon previously sets of features.
Post-project sets Sets of features that have been recognised but will not be implemented during the project.

The COBACORE core set of features (a.k.a. the ‘No-Regrets list’) represents the foundation of the platform and was developed as a result of stakeholder consultations and project-internal concept design activities. When implemented, the core set of critical features represent the minimal form of the platform that satisfies the function. The COBACORE core features are as follows:

Summary of COBACORE core features
Core Feature Names Feature Description Prime User Group
Actor Registration Users to register actors with the platform (i.e. bearer of a need a capacity or an activity) AC RC RP
Needs Registration Users to register needs related to their/group recovery from a disaster AC
Capacity Registration Actors to register capacities they are willing to provide towards the disaster recovery RC PC
Needs and Capacities Overview Users view registered needs and capacities to establish an informative overview AC RC PC
Needs and Capacities Matching Establish matches between registered need profiles and registered capacity profiles AC RC
Actors Activities Overview Users view registered actors and activities to establish an informative projection AC RC PC
Baseline Situation Overview Overview of situation in affected area through projection of baseline data and information PC
Basic Recovery Views Data views for understanding recovery process & basis for further analysis/planning PC
Basic Information Exchange Users can exchange information centred around mutual capacity profiles and activities AC RC PC
Activity Registration Users register an activity with the platform- a recovery effort in which actors partake RC PC

It is important to note that the aforementioned features give rise to additional information elements, profiles and views. The core features allow platform users to register profiles (i.e. an actor, a need, a capacity and an activity) which together form a set of core concepts of the COBACORE platform.  The core features also give rise to four distinct views on the available profiles, namely needs and capacities view; actor and activity view; baseline situation view; and basic recovery views.

In summary, the COBACORE feature development process derived major platform functions from three identified domain issues. From these functions, features are derived in a number of phases, starting with the definition of a core feature set. The features give direction to the implementation by proposing logical structures, interaction patterns and suitable interface elements. In subsequent phases, new features can be defined that build upon previously implemented features, and thus add new capabilities to the platform. The complex relationship which exists between the core features, core information structures and core views is summarised in the visual below:

COBACORE feature development process

Project Update

Thank you for your interest in COBACORE, which concluded in March 2016.

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