COBACORE Platform – New Features

COBACORE platform

The COBACORE prototype platform is still in development, and partners Spatialest have recently added some exciting new features.

Localisation – It is now possible to switch languages in realtime within the web prototype. Currently English and German is supported. To enable other languages, a new language file only needs added.

Tour – All users can take a guided tour of the main features.

Mentions/Accelerators – Users can now reference links to needs, capacities, activities and users from within their chat window.

Actor Ratings/Comments – You can now give users star ratings and and add comments, which can be seen in various places in the interface.

Online/Offline Indicator – Each user is now given a real-time status indicator

Verification Status – This feature is only available to professional users.

Activity Logs  and Visible in Chat – Some actions e.g. change in status or verification status are now being logged. These log messages are now shown in the chat window in chronological order.

Custom Layers and Reporting – Users can now draw, share and export their own custom layers tot the map, and create reports.