COBACORE Platform – New Features

COBACORE platform

The COBACORE prototype platform is still in development, and partners Spatialest have recently added some exciting new features.

Localisation – It is now possible to switch languages in realtime within the web prototype. Currently English and German is supported. To enable other languages, a new language file only needs added.

Tour – All users can take a guided tour of the main features.

Mentions/Accelerators – Users can now reference links to needs, capacities, activities and users from within their chat window.

Actor Ratings/Comments – You can now give users star ratings and and add comments, which can be seen in various places in the interface.

Online/Offline Indicator – Each user is now given a real-time status indicator

Verification Status – This feature is only available to professional users.

Activity Logs  and Visible in Chat – Some actions e.g. change in status or verification status are now being logged. These log messages are now shown in the chat window in chronological order.

Custom Layers and Reporting – Users can now draw, share and export their own custom layers tot the map, and create reports.


Thank you for your interest in COBACORE, which concluded in March 2016.

The COBACORE prototype platform can be viewed here http://demo.cobacore.eu/#/needs

Take a look at our project videos on our YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUtZFGtutwKGEUbHzdOL09Q

For more information about COBACORE please contact Martijn Neef (martijn.neef@tno.nl)