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Project Framework

The following are the various interlinked work packages that underpin COBACORE and concentrate on different outputs of the project.

Domain Exploration

Perform a strong analysis of the domain of post-disaster recovery and needs assessments, and derive critical functional requirements for the COBACORE platform, rooted in the practical way of working of humanitarian relief operations. This work also explores the emerging role of social media and online communities in disaster recovery.

Information Framework

Develop a comprehensive and consistent data framework that facilitates the effective collection of data for the next generation damage and post-crisis needs assessment tool. It will ensure consistency amongst data capture methodologies and will ensure compliance with existing directives and work practices in the disaster recovery field.

Concept Development

Develop innovative interface concepts for communities that are involved in post-disaster recovery. For each typical user group, smart interfaces will be devised that provide easy access to the information they need, and easy ways to contribute information. This will produce smart connected web-applications that make sure that each community is given a voice in the recovery.

Platform Development

Build a flexible, connected platform that connects communities and that provides different views on the disaster recovery process. Which communities are active, and what capacities do they have? What is the current situation, and what are the leading recovery plans? What needs need to be tended to? A robust platform that provides the right information to the right communities in the right form.

Evaluation and Experimentation

COBACORE follows an iterative ‘concept development and experimentation’ approach that will test parts of the platform during the project in varying states of maturity. The project also features integrated experiments where the platform is evaluated as a whole. The final experiment is on the German – Dutch border, at which a disaster recovery scenario is played out with groups of volunteers and the help of the COBACORE platform.

Impact and Dissemination

The COBACORE project is about closing collaboration gaps – after a disaster, but also during the project. The team aims to bring together different practitioner groups and research communities in search of new approaches to disaster recovery. The project has a strong network of supporting parties, and will actively engage with stakeholders to create valuable innovations to the field of needs assessment and disaster recovery.

Project Update

Thank you for your interest in COBACORE, which concluded in March 2016.

The COBACORE prototype platform can be viewed here

Take a look at our project videos on our YouTube channel

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