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Related EU Projects

COBACORE has collaborated with related EU projects to share information and harness synergies by attending conferences and cross-fertilisation workshops and making presentations and papers mutually available for discussion.

The CRISMA project is developing a simulation-based decision support system, for modelling crisis management, improved action and preparedness. The CRISMA System will facilitate simulation and modelling of realistic crisis scenarios, possible response
actions, and the impacts of crisis depending on both the external factors driving the crisis development and the various actions of the crisis management team.

destriero logo
DESTRIERO aims at developing a next generation post-crisis needs assessment tool for reconstruction and recovery planning, in combination with an advanced multi-criteria decision analysis tool and methodology for multi-stakeholder information analyses,
priority setting, decision making and recovery planning.

FORTRESS (Foresight Tools for Responding to cascading Effects in a crisis) is a three year project that started in April 2014 and will end in March 2017. The aim of the project is to identify and understand cascading effects of a crisis by using evidence-based
information from a range of previous crisis situations.
iSAR_logoThe iSAR+ Project aims to research and develop guidelines and an associated platform that, in emergencies or crises, enables citizens using new mobile and online technologies to actively participate in the response effort, through the bi-directional provision,
dissemination, sharing and retrieval of information essential for critical Public Protection and Disaster Relief (PPDR) intervention, in search and rescue (SAR), law enforcement and medical assistance.

OPSIC logo
The OPSIC project unites research, field experience and technological innovation to create software for planning and providing psychosocial support in crisis based on up-to-date, comprehensive research. The project has received funding from the European
Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and research under grant agreement no. 312783.

POP-ALERT is a two year project that proposes to undertake behavioural research and further traditional Crisis Management research by carrying out a series of empirical studies to create a framework for the assessment of the population’s capacity to absorb
and use different Crisis Management strategies and technologies developed at the EU level.
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SECTOR [Secure European Common Information Space for the Interoperability of First Responders and Police Authorities] is an innovative venture, aiming to improve the crisis management schemes in multi-actor emergency responses.

The project aims to establish the foundations of future Common CCM Information Spaces by expanding the European scientific knowledge base on (cross-border) multi-agency CCM processes and the complications these imply when aiming at setting-up and design cross-border supporting information Systems.

S-HELP is a project that is defining an interoperability standard to enable communication and coordination across different geographical areas and cultural settings, and developing decision supporting tools which can facilitate multiple agencies in a
disaster scenario.

TACTIC (Tools, methods And training for CommuniTIes and society to better prepare for a Crisis) aims to increase preparedness to large-scale and cross-border disasters amongst communities and societies in Europe.

CRISP (Evaluation and Certification Schemes for Security Products) is a three year project (April 2014 – March 2017) that aims to facilitate a harmonised playing field for the European security industry by developing a robust methodology for security
product certification.

aquasmart logo
The aquaSmart project is about enhancing innovation capacity within the aquaculture sector, by helping companies to transform captured data into knowledge and use this knowledge to dramatically improve performance.

Project Update

Thank you for your interest in COBACORE, which concluded in March 2016.

The COBACORE prototype platform can be viewed here

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