Disaster Response

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COBAgame Beta Testing

22nd July 2015

Exciting news this week from Tilburg University, as the COBAgame is released for the beta testing. Students from French institute Ecole des mines d’Alés have been working on the game to add content […]

Riga, Latvia

COBACORE at Workshop in Riga, Latvia

1st July 2015

The COBACORE project was represented at a workshop in Riga, Latvia on 12-13 January 2015 which highlighted the needs of people with disabilities throughout the disaster management cycle. The workshop formed […]

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19th June 2015

One of the highlights of ISCRAM 2015 for the COBACORE team was the opportunity to showcase their project and platform using the format of the COBAGAME. • EARTHQUAKE The online game simulated […]

Volunteer lays sandbags to stop flooding

COBACORE Article in German Magazine

7th June 2015

COBACORE featured in an article in the German civil protection publication Bevölkerungsschutz-Magazin, which is widely read by experts in the disaster recovery field. The feature appeared in the January 2015 […]

Unbound Volunteers 1

The Role of Unbound Volunteers in Disaster Response and Recovery

12th November 2014

What are Unbound Volunteers? Spontaneous offers of help during and following a disaster are a growing phenomenon. The amount of coverage an event receives in the media, coupled with the […]