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COmmunity-BAsed COmprehensive REcovery

COBACORE is a European Commission FP7-funded research project involving partners from Ireland, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain and Slovakia.

The aim of the project is to enable a faster and more efficient emergency response in the recovery phase of a major disaster by  empowering the community to work with emergency response teams to help themselves.

The COBACORE platform and methodology matches the needs and capacities of three groups – the Affected Community, Responding Community and Responding Professionals.

Using the system to coordinate the disaster response will close the collaboration gaps between disaster victims, volunteers and professional emergency responders in the months following an earthquake, flood or manmade crisis.

A Complex Challenge

COBACORE tackles the complex growing challenges facing needs assessment and recovery planning today.

A lack of coordination and collaboration among organisations.
The need for more effective common needs assessment.
Sizeable information gaps in assessing the scale and severity of a disaster.
Delayed utilisation of primary information sources (communities) for post-impact information collection.
Lack of community awareness and involvement, situational awareness, needs awareness or management.

Our main aim is to close collaboration gaps between communities that play a role during recovery, and make it easier to match needs with capacities. Our tools will help affected communities to voice their needs and find communities that can help. They will help to share information, collaborate and let societies regain their livelihood sooner.

The COBACORE Solution

The COBACORE project is leading the development of an innovative approach to community-based comprehensive recovery and is grounded in a holistic, community-based approach.

The project is creating an integrated and interactive workspace platform; a collaborative environment which will give an overview of the post-crisis situation.

The dynamic nature of our natural and physical environment together with the increasing frequency and intensity of disasters and emergencies, requires quicker and more robust needs assessment. The COBACORE platform will provide the solution and will offer different interfaces for different stakeholders in this complex environment. Civilians as well as private and public organisations will be specifically considered within this community-based approach.

Citizens and relief workers will benefit from facilities to share needs and capabilities and to build local partnerships.

Governmental bodies and humanitarian relief organisations will have a community-generated view of the recovery process and the means to collaborate strategically.

Volunteers and online communities will have channels to contribute in a more coherent and visible manner.



Project Update

Thank you for your interest in COBACORE, which concluded in March 2016.

The COBACORE prototype platform can be viewed here

Take a look at our project videos on our YouTube channel

For more information about COBACORE please contact Martijn Neef (